ddy is a character and one of the three main protagonists from the Ed, Edd n Eddy series on Cartoon Network. He is obsessed with money, such as quarters, and candy, such as jawbreakers, and is always hatching scams to obtain candy and he nowed himself the king of the cul-de-sac, and the rest of the universe.

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  • Father
  • Mother

    EDDY IN 14 years old

    Eddy blast

    eddy blast in android

  • Older Brother
  • Eddy McGee the Fourth (grandfather)
  • Rolf (distant cousin; see Eddy McGee's Family Tree)
  • Edwinna Dimmingsdors (26th generation great-grandmother)
  • Father Eddy T. U. Dimmingsdors (34th generation great-grandfather; holy preacher)
  • Edward Gamblingsburg Hamilton (distant cousin,descendant of ancestral uncle King Eddy; also known as the Duke of Merchants)
  • Prince Eddy Caesar the Second (Ancestral Uncle) and Prince Edward(Ancestor)
  • Count Edzar Nero the "Crazy Count" (AncestralUncle, cousin to Eddy II and Edward)
  • Queen Edette the Passionate (60th generation great grandaunt)
  • Old King Ed (60th generation great grandfather; the Father of all Eddys)
  • Eddy McGruff Dimmingsdors I (25th generation great grandfather)
  • Eddy McGruff Dimmingsdors XI (Direct 15th generation great grandfather)
  • Eddy McGruff Dimmingsdors VI (29th generation great grandfather, Founder of Peach Creek)
  • Eddie McDuff Dimmingsdors VI 1/2 (29th generation great granduncle, Founder of Lemon Brook)
  • Colonel Eddy McGee the Second (Great-great-great grandfather)
  • Nicole (daughter)
  • Buck (son)
  • Penny (daughter)
  • Casey (son)
  • Benjamin (son)